Make your home work for you, automatically

Forgot to turn on your alarm? Or turn off your lights? Want to keep tabs on your home while you're on vacation? We can help you automate your home and bring it into the 21st century, without busting your budget.

Home automation is a term being used more and more these days. But it’s something that has actually been happening for a while. It’s just that today, it’s more impressive and futuristic than ever. So if you’ve heard the term and want to learn a little more about it, this is the guide for you.We will give you a thorough overview of the topic and answer the key questions like what is home automation? How does it work?

Learn more about home automation

Illustration of a Smart Home on a Blue Background

Smart Home 101: What is it? How Does it Work? Why Should I Care?

In the 21st century, we are starting to see more and more homes being transformed into smart homes. It’s one of the most popular tech trends we’re seeing today. But what […]

An Illustration of The Internet of Things

Understanding The Internet of Things & How it Can Work For You

In the tech world today, one of the fastest growing trends is the Internet of Things (IoT for short). We admit, it does sound like one of those buzzwords that […]

Illustration of a House infront of a Tablet with Home Automation Controls

Home Automation Usage – Integrate Home Automation Tech Into Your Home

Home automation is a great way to make your life more convenient and make managing your home a more intuitive and stress-free part of your day.  Home automation usage is […]


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product reviews

Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot Displayed on a Table

The Amazon Alexa Line

Amazon Alexa is the voice app which lets you control any device that works with it. It’s a powerful system that can let you turn off lights in other rooms, start and stop the sprinklers, or adjust the thermostat all without leaving the couch! At the moment, there are 3 different products in the Amazon Alexa line that each let you do some pretty cool stuff.

nest thermostat on a wall in a house

Nest Learning Thermostat

Saving money on energy costs while also keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is one of the most frustrating balancing acts a homeowner will have to deal with. It seems like an eternal struggle that constantly adds a little nagging stress to your daily life.

camera on the kitchen ceiling

Arlo Security System

It can be tough to leave our homes—filled with all of our most valuable and sentimental possessions—when it’s not secured. Even with a security system, a burglar who is fast enough can get in and out before the police arrive and if there are no witnesses, the chances of getting your valuables back is slim.