Blink Home Security Camera System

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​Smart home automation technology is one of the best things that has ever happened to home security systems. With smart tech, you can take control of your home security, avoid false alarms, and save yourself the hassle of inputting security codes while listening to an annoying siren. 

This security camera and motion detector kit from Blink can make a great addition to help you protect your home. Learn more about it below. 

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Features and Benefits

All told, the kit comes with 2 mountable cameras with built in motion detectors, mounting kits for each camera, batteries, and a sync module. With these items alone, you’ve already got a good start to your smart home security system.

If you want more than 2 cameras in your system, you can easily buy additional cameras without having to pay the price for a whole second kit. And the additional cameras will integrate seamlessly with the ones you already have.

With the free app for Android and iOS, you can watch a live feed from either camera anytime you want. And if they pick up any suspicious activity, they will immediately send an alert to your phone and let you check the feed to see what triggered the alert.

And you can store up to 2 hours worth of video clips to your free cloud storage space so if there’s something you need to record for use as evidence later, you can do that without worrying.


There’s absolutely no monthly fees at all for these services either. That is not something you see in other products. Many security cameras will let you watch live feeds but not record or they’ll charge you to record and store video clips. So this is a nice free perk that makes this product even more appealing to budget conscious shoppers.

Potential Drawbacks

The main drawback here is that the cameras are battery powered. While this does make for a nicer looking system since you won’t have to deal with long, cumbersome wires on your walls, it isn’t the most practical solution.

You will need to replace your batteries before they die or risk leaving your home without surveillance until you put new batteries in. The batteries that come in the kit will last about 2 years so we suggest setting reminders in your calendar and having a back supply of batteries already ready to go in your home well before the current ones die.

blink home security camera app on smartphone

Final Verdict

Aside from the minor inconvenience of having to replace batteries every couple of years, this is a great set of cameras and motion detectors. It’s a very affordable kit considering how high quality it is so it’s perfect for people looking to balance high security with a friendly price.

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