Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

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Home security is one of the greatest applications of smart home automation that exists today. Smart devices can help you get an added level of control over your security system and your home. But the costs of buying all the individual parts of a complete set up start to build up.

So if you’re looking for a more affordable option that still offers pretty comprehensive security, you’ll want to check out the all-in-one devices that exist.

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The Canary all-in-one home security device is one of the leaders in this market so check out some of the key features and things to consider about it below.

Features & Benefits

This sleek, simple little tower that can sit anywhere in the home includes a camera, audio recording, motion sensors, air quality sensors, a siren, and more. It really is all you need in one simple device.

To set it up, all you do is plug it in and connect it to the internet. It’s even got a free basic service plan that has the essentials like cloud storage to save video clips, real time alerts sent to your Android or iOS device, and instant access to local authorities if you notice something wrong.

For even more convenience, it can automatically arm and disarm itself. The Canary system can sense when you leave the house and when you come home so it will automatically arm itself when it senses you are away and put itself into home mode when you get back.

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You also have the option to upgrade to affordable monthly plans that offer even more to an already great security system. And if you want to build up or expand your security system as you go, you can link each new compatible device with your all-in-one system so that this little tower becomes the central hub managing any other sensors, cameras, locks, or other security devices you add to your system.

All video and other data (like air quality) can be stored in your free cloud storage. And you get additional storage space by upgrading to one of the more advanced service plans.

Potential Drawbacks

Although it is an all-in-one device in every sense of the word, it does still have some limits. Namely, when it’s the only piece in your security system, you are only able to get the maximum benefits in the area where it’s located. Without cameras or sensors installed in other parts of the house, it can only observe and monitor the area around it.

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Final Verdict

That limited area doesn’t make it useless, though. If you place it near the front door, you are still getting a high level of security. And it is still a great option to use as a base for your entire security system. So it’s a great place to start and then add on as you go. Overall, it’s a great deal for the price.

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