Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Opener

Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MyQ-Garage Opener With Your Smartphone Unpacking

Garage doors have been one of the earliest parts of the home to get the home automation treatment. If you’ve ever used a remote controlled garage opener, you’ve used home automation tech.

And if you’ve used that tiny remote control opener, you’ve probably also experienced the hassle of rummaging around in your glove box, under the seat, in the center console, and everywhere else trying to find the thing so you can open your garage. With the Chamberlain smart garage door opener, those problems are history! Learn more about it below.

Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controls Your Garage Door Opener with Your Smartphone Sensor

Features & Benefits

This easy to install garage door opener is up and ready to go in minutes. And there’s no need to invest in a whole new set of tech. Pretty much every automatic door opener made after 1993 will work easily with this device from Chamberlain.

Once installed, just download the free custom app called Chamberlain MyQ Garage App and you can now use your smartphone as a garage door opener.

And what’s more, you can do that no matter where in the world you are. So if you need to let someone in the house while you’re at work, you can simply open the garage with the click of a button without ever leaving your desk.

You can also save time by opening your garage as soon as you turn onto your street. No more impatient waiting on your driveway while you wait for the door to open up all the way.

If you’re concerned about security, you can program your garage door opener to send you alerts each time it opens and closes. This can be a great security feature to work in cooperation with the rest of your smart home security system.

chamberlain garage opener

That’s also convenient for making sure that the door is closed. If you get halfway to work only to realize that you think might have forgotten to close the door, no stress! Just check the app and if it is still open, simply tap to close it again!

It can control up to 2 garage doors with one device so you are covered even if you have a 2 door garage!

Potential Drawbacks

Because the sensor is battery operated, you will need to make sure you replace the batteries or else you’ll be stuck in your driveway. Batteries typically last about 3 years (or 10,000 open/close cycles) so this isn’t a huge drawback but it is a minor inconvenience especially if you don’t already have new batteries on hand to replace the dead ones.

Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controls Your Garage Door Opener Smartphone App

Final Verdict

The MyQ app is also able to work with compatible lighting setups and Nest smart products (like their thermostat and smoke detectors) so this is a great device to combine if your smart home also features these other products. Even as a standalone device, it can make your life way more convenient and stress free.

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