GE Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle

GE Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to turn your home into a smart home is to replace your outlets with smart outlets. With a smart outlet, anything you plug into it is instantly transformed into a smart device or appliance!

Check out this wall outlet from GE to get an idea of how a smart outlet can save you time, money, and stress.

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Features and Benefits

This outlet is designed to completely replace your original wall outlet. While that does mean some additional steps in additional (see the potential drawbacks section below), it also means that it will blend in nicely to your home. You won’t have to worry about a clunky smart adapter sticking out of your outlet that gets in the way or gets knocked out of place.

It uses Z-wave tech so it can be seamlessly integrated into any system that also uses that tech. And since Z-wave is increasingly popular, that includes a lot of brands in the smart home market.

It is controlled using a wall switch that not only allows for simple turning on and off but also dimming (when used with lights). So you can save additional energy by keeping your lights at a lower setting during the evenings. That also has the added benefit of making it easier for you to fall asleep later because your body regulates its sleep cycles based on the brightness of the environment around you.

GE Lighting Control Duplex Receptacle Package

Another great feature of this wall switch is that it works with Amazon Alexa so if you have an Echo, Dot, or Tap, you can control any of these outlets and switches using voice commands with Alexa!

Potential Drawbacks

The main issue with this is the set up. It doesn’t take a professional or anything but it does require some effort since you have to remove your old outlet and then connect and mount this one in its place.

It does come with clear, easy to follow instructions and once you’ve got them in place, it’s much nicer than simply having a chunky adapter sticking out of your outlet. But if the prospect of any kind of installation work seems like too much, you do have the option of paying extra to have it installed for you.

Although, we honestly think it’s better to save that money on professional installation. It would be better invested in buying additional outlets and switches.

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Final Verdict

These are definitely some of the best smart wall outlets you can find and since they easily integrate with any system using Z-wave, you can easily include them into your larger smart home system as you expand it. It’s a great value and there are so many different kits and buying options that you can adapt to perfectly match the needs of your home.

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