GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit Presentation

Home security is extremely important but a lot of the options out there can get very pricey and have a tendency to be difficult to set up and use. So many people out there are in need of a quality home security set up but simply can’t afford the high cost of a service or an elaborate home security system.

If that sounds like you, the GE personal security alarm kit could be the solution you are looking for.

GE Security Alarm Mounted on Doors

Features & Benefits

This kit is super easy to install. There’s no intricate wiring required, just some simple mounting (the instructions and hardware are all in the kit already). Plus, the batteries are even included already! So you won’t get everything set up only to find out that you have to run to the store for batteries before you can actually use it.

All told, the kit comes with one door alarm and 3 additional alarms that can be used on either windows or doors as needed.

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The door alarm comes with a 4 digit keypad so that you can set security code for arming and disarming the system. And when it detects something suspicious, it’s got a deluxe 120 decibel alarm to ensure that you are alerted.

And when it’s not armed, you can still opt to put it into a chime mode which emits a quick chiming sound anytime a door or window is opened. So if you’ve got little ones (or rebellious teens) in the house, the chime mode can keep you alert to make sure they aren’t getting out of the house without your knowledge.

Potential Drawbacks

The fact that it is battery powered is not ideal. When it comes to home security, you generally want something that is constantly hooked up to a power source so that you never risk sacrificing your security due to lost power.

However, each piece of this kit has a test switch that allows you to check the battery life. We recommend setting a reminder in your calendar to do this every 6 to 8 months or so. The batteries should last about a year but it’s better to stay on the safe side.

You can also keep your costs down by using rechargeable batteries. Another downside is that it doesn’t automatically call the police or a security service. So if you’re not home when the alarm goes off, it will be up to your neighbors to call the police when they hear it. Luckily, at 120 decibels, your neighbors are sure to hear it. You just might want to give them a heads up that they should call the police if they hear it.

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Final Verdict

For people on a tight budget, this is a great system to provide you with a measure of security. It’s extremely well-priced and very efficient considering just how cheap it is. So if you need some additional security in your home but you aren’t able to invest in a high end system or a security service, this kit will let you sleep easy at night.

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