Ikea’s Selje Nightstand with Wireless Charging

We all have a bazillion wires comes from behind our headboards and running along the baseboards in our homes. Wires for lighting, laptop plugs and phone chargers- you name it. Ikea makes it possible for us to remove one of these! The Selje Nightstand with Wireless Charging has been out for a little over a year and is such a welcome addition to bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens by providing us such a smart product.

Features and Benefits

As true to Ikea’s style, it’s got clean lines and angular design features-  the triangular cut out is both a handle for the drawer and a design detail that gives it a unique identity. It is built to include their MORIK qi wireless charging puck and also includes a 2.0A full size USB port inside the drawer which allows you to charge another device that doesn’t have wireless charging. Thanks to the cutout on the drawer, you can feed the cord to the outside of the nightstand to place that device on top.

If you own a device such as the iPhone 6 that doesn’t include qi wireless charging you’ll need a case that enables it. IKEA sells a case (at an additional charge) for other smart phones to accomplish this. They are found alongside the MORIK in the lighting section of the store.

Ikea’s price point is another attractive point for this nightstand- at only $59.99, it’s well worth the price. It’s offered in two colors- white and red and is constructed of aluminum in a matte finish.

Potential Drawbacks

If you’re familiar with Ikea, then you know that all of their products are flat packed and require home assembly. Some people have trouble with these tasks, but most of the time it’s very easy and the directions are simple to follow and straight-forward. However, if this is something you’d rather not do, Ikea does offer an add-on Assembly service if you have the item delivered to you home from Ikea. The Assembly service is priced at $89 and up.


Final Verdict

With these solutions there, I don’t think charging your phone will be too messy anymore. If the Selje Nightstand with Wireless Charging isn’t your style, Ikea several other options in the line to choose from including the Nordli nightstand or a variety of lamps or wireless charging pads that can charge multiple units at a time. Refer to the entire wireless charging late spring collection from IKEA and check them out in details.


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