Keen Home Smart Vent

A lot of times we have a room in our home we don’t use all the time. A guest room, a craft room, and office? Yet we use our valuable energy to heat and cool this space all day and night. What if you were able to decide when you wanted it to be cooled and heated simply by regulating the airflow from your smart phone? This is exactly what the Keen Home Smart Vent allows you to do. No need to climb up and manually open and close vents anymore. Maybe you work from your home office once a week, so you only want the vents open on those days? Or you have family coming in for a visit? With the Keen Home Smart Vent, it’s fast and easy to prepare the room’s proper airflow.


Features and Benefits

The Keen Home Smart Vent was invented to help you regulate your home’s temperature and control the energy and utility costs of heating and cooling empty rooms. In addition to working in empty rooms, this product is great for regulating the temperature in your main living areas. Is your bedroom too cold at night? A simple adjustment can partially close your vent to adjust the temperature within a reported 5 degrees.

Smart Vents connect to the internet and to each other, and can also connect to a smart thermostat such as the Nest to make your home even more intelligent. Home owners are able to customize each room’s temperature with the Manual Mode- which allows you to choose exactly how the air is distributed in each room, the Balance Mode- where you can set each room to a desired comfort level, or when connected to the Nest, which learns your homes habits.

In addition to control temperature, the Keen Home Smart Vent also offers a optional Smart Air Filter to control the allergens, germs and air pollutants that enter your home. The Smart Air Filter simply clips to the inside face of the vent to provide purification for your home.

If you would prefer a different look than that standard air vent, Keen Home Smart Vent also has interchangeable face plates to bring beauty and a modern design to your home.


Potential Drawbacks

Keen Home Smart Vent is only available for pre-order at this time and will begin shipping in the Spring 2017. The upside to taking part in the pre-order is that all orders are giving a 15% pre-order discount, making this a great deal to jump on, not to mention all the money you begin to save as soon as it is installed.

Final Verdict

This is a truly exciting product and an excellent place to start when converting your house into a smart home. It’s multi-layer benefits of cost savings and healthy living make it a wise investment.


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