Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Nest is probably best known for its top of the line smart learning thermostat which is a great addition to any home. But the company also makes other smart products that are equally impressive.

This smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is another great device from the impressive Nest product line. Let's take a look at some of the features and fuctions it can offer you. 

nest smoke alarm in use in living room

Features & Benefits

There are many advantages to having a smart alarm to detect smoke and carbon monoxide. That includes:

Notifications sent to your phone, tablet, or computer. If something goes wrong when you’re not home, even the loudest siren will not help you. But with push notifications sent directly to your phone, you’ll be alerted to any problems as soon as they occur.

Knowing the exact problem. A regular alarm just emits a maddening siren without giving you any information. This alarm will tell you exactly what it detected (smoke or Carbon monoxide) and which room it detected it in (assuming you install more than one detector).

This detector even has a friendly heads-up mode that will alert you to minor issues before they get serious. If something’s burning in the oven, it will send you a friendly alert rather than going into full panic mode over a harmless tray of smoking, scorched cookies.

nest smoke alarm front side

The majority of smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are battery powered. While batteries can last a long time, it’s way too easy to forget to replace them. Your smoke detector is one of those things you just don’t really pay attention to until it goes off. So if the batteries die, you likely won’t even notice.

Nest gives you the option of sticking with battery powered for those who want to stay wireless but it also makes a wired alarm at no additional cost. The wired version is constantly hooked to a power source so you never have to worry about batteries dying without you noticing.

Potential Drawbacks

There are 2 things to point out before you buy these. First, they are not the cheapest. However, we definitely think the price is worth it. And if you go for the wired option, you’ll have these working for you for years and years to come. So if you consider the lifetime of the product and the convenience and security it offers, the price is really not that bad.

The other drawback is that installation is not quite as easy as advertised. It’s not hard labor but it is a very specific process for set up. So you need to make sure you follow the instructions exactly. Don’t skip the instructions and try to do it freestyle! You need to make sure it’s programmed correctly before installing.

nest smoke alarm app phone

Final Verdict

This is a great product overall and will add a high level of security without the annoying drawbacks of a regular smoke or carbon monoxide detector. And the fact that it lasts 10 years (the longest possible lifetime for a carbon monoxide detector) makes it an even better buy!

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