Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Kit

Wireless Diming Kit Phillips in use

Home automation has helped make pretty much every part of the home work smarter and more efficiently. Whether it’s security, heating and cooling, or windows, you can automate just about everything. Lights are no different. With smart light bulbs, you can save money and do lots of other cool things as well.

To give you an idea of what smart light bulbs can do, check out this smart lightbulb from Philips.

phillips hue wireless kit in a box

Features & Benefits

Philips is already a leading name in lighting and with the Philips Hue, they’ve made a strong entry into the market for smart lighting. This wireless dimmer kit includes the light bulb and a switch to control it.

But this is no regular switch. You don’t have to mount it to your wall. It actually works wirelessly like a remote control. And with that remote control, you can turn the light on and off as well as adjust the brightness with the dimmer.

And if you don’t feel like even lifting a finger to do that, the Hue also works with Amazon Alexa so if you’ve got an Alexa enabled device (like the Echo or Dot), you can control your lights with voice commands!

To make things even more convenient, a single switch can control up to 10 separate bulbs so you can easily switch your entire home to smart lighting. And installation is as easy as screwing in a light bulb.

So not only do you have an energy efficient light bulb but you have the ability to turn them off with a remote control or voice command so that saving energy is as easy as giving a voice command.

phillips product with a bulb

The lights also have motion sensors so that they automatically turn themselves off when you leave the room. So you never have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off again! And on top of the motion sensor, it also has a daylight sensor which can be used to automatically turn them off when a certain level of brightness is detected or automatically turn on when it starts to get too dark.

With the dimming feature, you can save additional energy by dimming the light so it’s not operating at full power when you don’t need it to. And if that’s not enough to make you feel a little more relaxed, dimming also helps create a more relaxed atmosphere in your home—perfect for settling in and relaxing for the evening.

Potential Drawbacks

With so much to offer, it is still important to note a few potential drawbacks. The main issues is the potential for losing the switch.

It has no backlighting so if you want to turn the light on with the switch in a dark room, it might be hard to find unless you mount it to the wall next to your regular light switch. And since it is portable, that does mean it can be misplaced just like TV remotes.

finger pressing on phillips switch

Final Verdict

Despite the risk of losing the switch which you can avoid by magnetically mounting it next to your regular switch, this is a great product that will help you save money and control your lighting without stress.

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