Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

When you say “Smart Home” most people think of lights, air conditioning, and other indoor electronic related items. Home Automation has gone outdoors though! The Rachio Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller has simplified another area of our lives- making your outdoor water usage smarter, easier and more efficient.

Features and Benefits

Other systems are hard to understand and control- Rachio has brought the ease and convenience of watering your yard and garden to your smart phone. It integrates via most of your smart home platforms (Alexa, Nest, Google Assistant and more) so you aren’t twisting a knob in the ground trying to figure out your settings.

Rachio reduces water waste by using specific yard details, advanced watering algorithms and proven irrigation science to create accurate schedules customized to the particular needs of your yard. These changes can reduce your water usage by up to 50%. It also has a weather detection features, so you’ll never water your yard in the rain again.

Rachio Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller allows you to customize your watering data and input specific information about your yard to optimize your watering plan and schedule. Enter your soil type and the kind of vegetation you grow and Rachio will tailor your watering schedule for what is best for your specific yard.

Since you’re able to control all your settings from your smart phone, you can adjust and tweak your schedule as you please from anywhere in the world. No more remembering to go out in 2 hours to turn off your water sprinklers!

Potential Drawbacks

Sprinkler systems are expensive to install and replacing yours might seem a bit daunting in terms of cost, but Rachio Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller offers an 8-zone systems for less than $200. Also, with it being EPA WaterSense Certified, it’s eligible for rebate options up to 100% of retail value, which definitely makes the transition a lot easier!

Final Verdict

Our county has experienced dangerous droughts in the recent years and we have realized how important it is to be both water efficient and smart with our money while doing so. Rachio Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller allows us to address both concerns at once- all while adding in an important convenience factor.


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