Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

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A good burglar knows how to pick a regular door lock. So if you want real security for your home, you should consider getting a smart deadbolt that not only securely locks your door but knows how to detect when someone is tampering with it.

Stay on the alert and keep your home safe! This smart deadbolt from Schlage is a great example of how a smart lock can keep your home safer.

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Features & Benefits

This door lock does everything that a regular lock can do and so much more. The motorized bolt is super strong and secure so it’s not budging for anybody unless they have the security code to unlock it.

The security code is entered onto the beautiful touch screen keypad which has a durable matte finish to protect it from smudges and finger prints. And you can store up to 30 separate, personalized codes at a time which means that you can track not only when someone enters using the code but exactly who has entered by seeing which code was used.

You can even set up temporary or limited access codes for guests that only work during certain times of day or for a certain period of time. And for added security, you can change the code each month or however often you like.

The lock is protected with an anti-pick shield which can detect if someone is trying to tamper with it in any way. This is one of 3 alert modes that it has. It can detect the difference between regular activity (someone opening the door), tampering (someone trying to open the door without the proper code), and forced entry (someone breaking open the door).

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And it will alert you as soon as any of those 3 things happens. Plus, you can lock or unlock your door from your smartphone, tablet or computer no matter where you are! So if you’re child comes home and they’re locked out, you can let them in without having to leave work!

Finally, this door uses Z-wave tech so that you can easily integrate with the other smart devices in your home to create one complete system with every device able to communicate with each other.

Potential Drawbacks

Seeing the price on this deadbolt will make some people shrink back and hesitate. Do you really need a fancy smart lock? But with all the features and functions that it offers, you are definitely not going to be disappointed.

Plus, the beautiful design and the range of options means you can enjoy that added security with elegance and style of a great door mount. There are cheaper locks out there and there’s even smart locks that are cheaper. However, Schlage definitely offers one of the best options you will find so we think it is worth the price.

Final Verdict

While the price can seem a little high, if you’re willing to invest in securing your home properly, this lock is definitely worth its price. It’s simple to use, super effective, and extremely secure. It is definitely one of the best smart door locks you will find on the market today.

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