SnapPower Guidelight- Outlet Coverplate LED Night Lights

Home improvement has become one of the biggest industries of the decade, mostly thanks to the enormous popularity of the HGTV and DIY type reality shows. Home owners are renovating and remodeling their homes more now than ever before. But those renovations come with a big price tag, and not every “need” has to involve major work. SnapPower Guidelight has replaced the need for installing expensive under-cabinet lighting with a simple LED-lit faceplate.



Features and Benefits

SnapPower Guidelight  is a plug-and-play replacement for standard plug-in night lights and hardwired lights. It installs within seconds and requires no wires or batteries. SnapPower is designed to look and function like a standard outlet cover by day, with LEDs that provide ambient lighting at night.

The Guidelight replaces your existing outlet cover, just like the SnapPower Charger, with one that has two interior arms with metal contact plates. These plates touch the screw terminals on the sides of the outlet and provide power to three LEDs on the bottom of the plate. A light sensor turns the LEDs on when it’s dark.

SnapPower’s how-to video makes it look as simple as removing your existing cover plate and attaching the Guidelight, but it’s not that simple in practice, as there can be occasional problems getting the prongs to line up correctly. The company also recommends turning off the power to the outlet at your circuit breaker panel before your start, which is good advice.

Potential Drawbacks

There are a few possible issues that customers have run into. One being that they outlet covers are a smaller size than the covers they are replacing, so they don’t match other outlet covers in the home and can expose the unpainted areas behind them. Also, if you need a lot of light, these might not be the right fit as they offer ambient lighting, not a bright working light.


Final Verdict

SnapPower Guidelight is a smart and economical solution to installing expensive under-cabinet lighting or antiquated plug-in night lights. The price tag makes it possible to install these throughout your home in dark hallways and rooms.

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