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WeMo Switch Smart Plug used in the kitchen

For those who are curious about the potential of smart home automation but not really willing to make the steep investment of buying a fancy smart version of a home appliance, a smart outlet is a great place to start. These replace your regular outlets and allow you to remotely control anything that you plug into it.  

The WeMo Switch Smart Plug is a great example of a smart outlet. Let's take a look at some of its features below. 

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Features & Benefits

If finding something easy to set up is a high priority for you, it doesn’t get any easier than this. The device basically works like an outlet adapter. You just plug it into your existing outlet and then plug whatever appliance or device you want to control remotely into the WeMo Switch Smart.

With the free app that you download onto your phone or tablet, you can now control your lighting or any other appliance plugged into it no matter where you are. The plug is also programmable as well. So you can set times for automatically turning on and off. And you can manage all your settings and schedules right from the app in your phone.

When used with lights, you can set up an Away Mode that will automatically turn lights on and off when you’re away to make it appear like somebody is home and deter any potential burglars.

It can also sync with your Nest Thermostat to know when you are at home and when you’re gone and adjust itself accordingly just like your thermostat does so you never have to worry about leaving something on when you leave.

WeMo product with Alexa

It also works with Amazon Alexa which means you can control it using voice commands without even touching your phone. For that, you’ll need an Alexa enabled device like the Echo or Dot.

Potential Drawbacks

One drawback that the company still needs to work out is the app that you use to control it. It can be a little slow and if you become impatient, fiddling with it while waiting for it to save an adjustment or respond to your input can cause some serious problems.

So you need to be patient and just wait without touching anything. This can get annoying. But fortunately, once you’ve got your settings in place, you don’t have to use the app too often—especially if you’ve got an Alexa enabled device to control it through voice commands!

WeMO Smart Plug Application in Use on Phone

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a solid device that will help you start making your home a smart home that saves you money and stress. The app needs a little work but luckily, that is an easy fix and they are working on it. So as long as you are willing to be patient with the app, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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