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The Zmodo smart security cameras are a great example of what a smart home security system can do for your home. Smart security not only makes your home more secure.

It also minimizes those annoying false alarms while letting you be in control no matter where you are. Learn more about what these smart security cameras can do for you below.

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Features & Benefits

There are more and more smart security cameras being released on the market every day so competition can get pretty fierce but we think these cameras from Zmodo definitely holds up. It’s got a lot of great features and the company offers so many different packages so you can get your complete home security set up.

First of all, they are very easy to set up. You simply plug them in, download the Zmodo app to any Android or iOS device and create your account. There’s no tricky installation or complicated assembly required!

Zmodo Outdoor Home Wireless Security Surveillance Video Cameras System

Once they’re set up, you can stream video from the cameras directly to your app any time you want. And you’ll get alerts sent directly to you with video feed whenever the cameras detect motion! That means you can relax knowing your cameras will alert you if anything happens.

In terms of design, the casing is totally waterproof so they are suited for indoor or outdoor use. So buy as many as you need and mount them wherever you need them! The camera inside features crystal night vision at up to 65 feet, infrared lights (for better detection at night), and stunning 720 HD resolution. So you know you’re seeing exactly what’s going on.

Potential Drawbacks

While these cameras do have a lot to offer, it is important to mention that they are not the top of the line products on the market. If you’re willing to spend extra money, you can find something that’s higher quality than these.

For example, the motion sensors are not super powerful so the range that it can detect is not as wide as some other cameras.

And they need to be pretty close to a power source in order to operate. This is true of most cameras. And if you see any battery operated cameras on the market, you want to be cautious because what’s the point of a security camera if the battery dies and it stops working? Investing in extension cords is an easy solution to the problem of plugging in your camera.

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Final Verdict

Overall, these are solid cameras that will do exactly what you want a smart security camera to do. And with the different packages that allow you to buy larger sets of up to 8 cameras along with motion detectors and other smart home security essentials, you can make sure your entire security system is in sync and working exactly the way you need it to.

They aren’t the best of the best, but for budget conscious shoppers, this is definitely one of the best buys for your money.

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